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When will I receive the product?

After successful participation in our kickstarter campaing, you will receive your building blocks between September and November 2022.

When does the Kickstarter campaign start?

The estimated launch date is the 25th of May 2022. Stay tuned for more information and be sure to check your inbox for further notifications and preorder discounts 🙂!

What will the price of the product be?

Price starting at $ 47,00.

Where will I be able to buy the product after Kickstarter?

Set will be available to purchase at our Amazon and Shopify stores as our other products.

Are these blocks compatible with other building blocks?

Absolutely! You can combine them with any other building blocks of a similar build!

For what age is this set appropriate?

We made sure older and younger siblings can play together. Set contains models appropriate for kids aged 6+ and more complex Dinosaurs for kids aged 12+.

Playing with blocks lowers Anxiety and Stress, raises Self-Confidence, and helps with Perseverance and Frustrations management.
It also develops Teamwork and Social Skills, Communication and Language skills, Creativity, and Experimentation.
AND it’s good for Physical development, Mothorics, and Spatial Awareness.
You’ve got this. It’s perfect. Thanks for admitting. 🦖 🤣