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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the $2 go? What does it do?

The $2 you are paying now will contribute to your final pledge amount when you back on our project, or refunded to you if you decide not to proceed with your purchase.

Will you charge my credit card without me knowing?

No! This is a one-off transaction and we will NOT store your credit card information. When you make your purchase you will need to enter your credit card info again on another platform.

I change my mind, can I get refund?

Yes, we will offer a 100% refund through your credit card if you want to cancel the reservation.
Please contact us at suppport@cubbtoys.com.

Why do I have to make a reservation?

We normally offer a limited quota of super discounts as a token of appreciation to those who back us from the start. We want to be prepared. The more early reservations we get, the better we understand the demand and interest in our project.

Who is CubbToys?

At CubbToys we take playing seriously. We believe that everyone needs to play. That’s why we successfully sold 10 000 sets of previous models, built hundreds of test models, and now are working on an even better set.
Only the best is good enough for our kids, so safety is our key priority. We make products with the highest quality materials that do not contain any harmful substances so that kids can play safely. We also randomly test each production for lead, BPA, and Phthalates at a third-party YS CPSIA-approved lab, to ensure that all our toys are safe and non-toxic.

We would love to play with you too!